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Here’s a quick reference for you with some tips to help make your companions’ stay more comfortable.

  • Immunization Records
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Medication if needed (All medications should be labeled and dosing instructions should be outlined.) Medical issues – Allergies (food or other) should be brought to the attention of the kennel employee.
  • Food (In a sealed container please) We can supply dry Pedigree however if your dog prefers another brand you are welcome to bring his/her favorite. We do not supply cat food so you will need to bring enough for your pets stay. (Litter is provided)
  • Favorite Treats (NO RAWHIDE PLEASE!)
  • Favorite Toys
  • Bedding / Blankets (Machine washable PLEASE)
  • Bring along an old T-shirt that you have worn for that familiar smell that can be comforting to your friend while you are away.